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GEOTPU.LAB develops research on innovative solutions to sustainable development challenges, that cities and rural territories are facing nowadays, using multidisciplinary design approach applied in collaboration with community-based organizations and public and private entities.  


GEOTPU.LAB´s undertaken approaches emphasize the integration of sustainability principles and environmental parameters as well as sociocultural and economic aspects in architectural contexts.

The projects seek to minimize the negative impact of the buildings through several strategies, using solar architecture, energy efficiency, selection of the materials, eco design, developed by dynamic collaboration between architects and engineers.


The GEOTPU.LAB team works closely with doctoral and master's students and external experts in urban planning, architecture, sociology, environmental sciences, public health, climate changes, renewal energies, landscape and design, to develop sustainable solutions based on innovative models. Special focus is given on research on the transformation of the informal city into the formal one, mostly in developing countries, through metrics and regeneration models supported by Win-Win solutions.


GEOTPU.LAB develops research in modular housing for adaptive, incremental and self-build solutions. The emphasis is on the relationship with climate changes and the transformation of the informal neighborhood into a formal one, applied to different realities in the cities of Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. The research aims to provide an effective contribution to control housing costs and keep affordable prices, what can be achieved by the implementation of the Technical Wall.


GEOTPU.LAB carries out research on the exploitation of renewable energy potential in urban and rural contexts. The innovative simulation models were developed to promote solutions for incorporation into the guidelines of municipal planning, design of buildings and optimization of practices to reduce consumption needs and to boost energy potential in urban and rural contexts.


The GEOTPU.LAB develops collaboration with communities, who pretends to thrive on the high climate uncertainty. Promotes and leads the designing, funding and implementation of the projects with innovative infrastructure, in a range of global contexts. Integrating PhD and Master´s students the GEOTPU.LAB assimilate resilience thinking in design, with the goal of improving the capacity of people and places to adapt to future challenges of climate changes.


GEOTPU.LAB develops models to support building capacity of the public sector in portuguese speaking countries (CPLP), through collaborative methods of design and research, reinforced by new technologies and implementation of GIS solutions, to support policies and governance structures that accelerate urban, economic and social development in these places.

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