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GEOTPU.LAB – Laboratory of Planning, Urbanism, Architecture and Environment is a Research Group and Laboratory based on the Alameda Campus at the Instituto Superior Técnico of Universidade de Lisboa.

Our main area of research is in the field of sustainability, planning, urbanism, architecture and environment. In this areas we conducted and participated in research teams and projects included in international and national groups. 

Currently the group has several collaborations in various areas pertaining to sustainable development. We also have participated in the International Energy Agency's Tasks which aimed to better integrate and develop solar solutions to integration in urban and architecture context.

We have hosted several conferences such as CRSEEL, Solar-Architecture 2012 and 1st edition of the Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Conference at 2016, that aim to increase the understanding in the critical area of sustainable construction.

GEOTPU.LAB publishes research manuscripts in the areas already mentioned as well as conduct and advise Master and Doctoral thesis on the subject. 

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