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In 2022, MoU was signed with the RAEOA for the establishment of a technical cooperation program in the areas of urban planning, defense and preservation of the architectural heritage of Portuguese origin, with the aim of expanding the knowledge base through the collection, treatment and preparation of proposed addendums and supplements to the Oé-Cusse Ambeno Land Management Master Plan (PDOT-OA).

In 2015, the group was challenged to developed the Regional Plan for the Region of Oé-Cusse Ambeno, an enclave of Timor-Leste in the indonesian territory, by the Regional Authority. The new development actions by the Government had created the Special Zones of Social Market Economy (ZEESM-TL) that include Oé-Cusse Ambeno and Ataúro Island. Within this action, the Regional Authority saw the potential to develop the Region based on social economy and sustainable premises, aiming the creation of a development model to be replicated in the rest of the Timorese territory.

When we first arrive at Oé-Cusse in the Fall of 2015, this Region was still trying to recover from the Indonesian ocupation, namely in terms of infrastructure (roads, potable water, energy and sewage) and the building stock that was in precarious conditions. After two years, the Region had an enormous development due to the implementation of the Regional Plan (approved in 2016) and its management and monitoring made by the Regional Authority with the support of GEOTPU.LAB. We have helped on the creation of the Technical Support Office (GTA) to manage the Plan and, currently, some of our team members are living there to directly support the process.

After the successful apresentation of the propose of PDOT, were established a new  protocol with RAEOA, Região Administrativa Especial de Oé-Cusse Ambeno, for the creation  of a Monitoring  Techno Office, in Portuguese the Gabinete Técnico de Acompanhamento (GTA), able to analyze and develop future programs, plans, projects and actions of Autoridade da Região and monitoring the development request  of privacy.


This territtory resulting of the construction works that are ongoing is in constant change, because the creation of betters accessibilities let some

territories more atractive, and daily we see the emergence of new houses and small businesses.

The numerous infrastructures, water infrastructures and pluvial drainage and  e waste watters are fundamental for the development of the  da region.

The numerous infrastructures, water infrastructures and pluvial drainage and  e waste watters are fundamental for the development of the  da region.

Because of that, it's very important that GTA let, since the biginning, monitor and supervising the implementation of their, with technical  and administrative support of the RAEOA. To realize that, were made 3 missions with the displacement of  different types of technicians from the collaboration  with GEOTPU.LAB for support to the creation and maintenance to this office.

The 3 missions with displacement of technicians have passed between February and November 2017and the data collected were integrated in the geographic datebase named OEA_SIG (Figure1).

Fig. 1 - SIG_OEA no QGIS

It's now created a tool in GTA which will allow accompany the evelution of the situation of the territorial planning.

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