HITIMBER, 2017 - 2020

HiTimber - Sustainable High-Rise Buildings Designed and Constructed in Timber - Project number- KA203-2017-009 - Project code: 2017-1-DK01-KA203-034242


The project aims to fulfil the future demands in higher education including innovation, sustainability, international, trans-disciplinary and entrepreneurial approaches for the development of a new study module/elective element in sustainable high-rise timber buildings.

Professionals state that the age of high-rise timber buildings has started. They agree that timber is an ideal material when grown in sustainable managed forests. It is being used more and more extensively in the building and construction industry. However, education in high-rise timber construction is still very limited, especially in Europe.

The specific objectives of the project are:

1) To strategically research at which level sustainable design, construction and management of sustainable high-rise timber buildings are to be planned and implemented in the partner countries.

2) To educate all participants (students, teachers, entrepreneurs) in the field of the sustainability and the emerging global problems. 

3) To develop and implement the new strategic trans-disciplinary module/elective element, which meets the needs of the HEIs and market representatives, fulfills the future challenges of sustainable design and construction of high-rise timber buildings.

4) To improve competencies of students and teachers in problem solving and team work, innovative thinking, motivation, awareness of cross-professional project input and project management by using project-based learning approach.

5) To ensure open awareness of the project results to local, national, EU level and international target groups.

The HiTimber project is innovative and fulfills a great need for solving the sustainability issues and creating sustainable solutions for the construction and related sectors for the future challenges. It will promote sustainable, environmental friendly design and construction of high-rise timber buildings.

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